The following Adult LIFE Groups are available:

  • Single Vision - John & Karen Huffman: College students and single adults

  • Manifest - Chad & Tristan Cornwell: "Younger" married couples/with or without kids

  • THREE:18 - Patrick Harrington: Married couples and single adults

  • Heart and Soul - Lillian Abernathy: Ladies of all ages

  • Torch Bearers - Eric Harmon: Men of all ages

  • Life, Observations, & Leadership - Scott Spencer: Multigenerational adult class with singles and couples of all ages

  • Champions for Christ - Jerry Howell: Mature saints and those desiring spiritual maturity

  • Next Generation - Dave Riddick: Opportunity for older couples in the faith to impact couples who are younger in the faith

We would love to have you involved in our LIFE Groups ministry!